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Alok Jethanandani

Product Design Manager based in the San Francisco Bay Area with 13+ years of experience in the tech industry.

Product design is an entrepreneurial activity

Design is an entrepreneurial activity

I specialize in leading large zero-to-one initiatives and new product development efforts. My goal is to help companies seize opportunities in new markets and launch innovative products to address unmet customer needs.

If you are an entrepreneur, you want to avoid a crazed competition and aim for monopoly. Traditional planning and analysis are fatal for new ventures because competing in existing markets is a zero-sum game. To avoid a red ocean, entrepreneurs must understand and define uncharted territory. I help startups and companies seize opportunities new markets, develop new business models to capture value, and launch innovative products to address unmet customer needs.

Insights and strategy

insights and strategy

I lead market research, conduct landscape analyses, and analyze data to generate new insights. I leverage business and product strategy to analyze business models, frame critical decisions, and model outcomes to create consensus for a path forward.


Data Analysis Certificate, General Assembly: Excel, SQL and Tableau), Market & Competitive Research

Product design

product design

I think critically and creatively, collaborate effectively with cross-functional partners, design and deliver exceptional products and experiences that create lasting business value and shape positive outcomes.


Product Conceptualization, User Journeys & Personas, Prototyping, UI & UX, Usability Studies, A/B Testing, Multivariate Analysis

App development

app development

I use my software development expertise to prototype solutions and ensure a seamless transition from concept to product across multiple platforms.


HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, responsive design

13+ years of work experience

See my LinkedIn profile to see a list of accomplishments for each position.


Product Design Manager

2021 - Current

Grew ePayments volume from 47% to over 55% in 24 months by streamlining the BILL Network payment experience. Strategized and designed solutions to automatically connect businesses in the BILL Network, improved the business search user experience, and reduced network spam.


UX Designer 3


Strategized, designed, and launched a simpler user experience for merchant onboarding and compliance that reduced customer friction by 21% relative to the control group, reduced customer service case load by 56% and improved go-to-market time by a factor of 9X.


Product Designer


Strategized, launched, and grew Fundbox Pay, a B2B credit network, from zero to over a million dollars in payment volume and loan origination in 18 months.


Product Designer


Launched FirstSteps and FirstCare, mobile apps to increase sales for Counsyl’s DNA tests. Grew FirstCare to thousands of users and validated the product pilot with strategic customers.


Product Designer


Led brainstorming sessions, designed prototypes, and developed front-end code for SAP, Samsung SRA, Intuit, Karmic Labs, Stanford University, APT, eBay, GigaOM Research, Trunomi, ZOZI and more.


Owner & Designer


Closed 10+ consulting assignments, led discovery exercises, designed prototypes, and developed front-end code.


B.A., Design | Media Arts


Completed courses in web design, software and web engineering, SQL and relational databases, print and graphic design, motion design, 3D game design, sound design, art history, mathematics and general education studies.

Alok is fearless. To take action requires ownership of the outcome. When one takes action, the inevitable conclusion will determine if the decision was either right or wrong. Action requires vulnerability, confidence, and conviction.

Alok, thank you for your commitment to moving projects forward included driving discussion, leading critical thinking and embracing opportunity. Your care for your teammates and passion for "doing amazing things" created a culture of impact. Your humility ensured nothing stood in the way of team progress.  
Jonathan Brown
Head of Product, Navio
Former Sr. Product Manager, Counsyl
Alok’s user centric design methodologies and attention to detail have been critical to consistently designing products with higher usage and conversion. Alok champions customer needs with global stakeholder groups comprising of engineering, product, and business using user research, discovery exercises and competitive audits among other tools.

He has been a true partner in creating user friendly designs while supporting product and engineering teams in optimizing solution costs and time to market.

He is a great team player and actively collaborates across various functions to meet business objectives and goals. It was great to partner with Alok across multiple critical projects and create best in class user experiences for our end users.
Tanvi Sharma
Group Product Manager, Compliance & Risk
Alok is a rare individual who brings a lot of passion and enthusiasm to everything he does. He has the intellectual curiosity and technical skills to lead customer development and design efforts.

I had a fantastic time working alongside Alok at Counsyl, where I was constantly impressed by his creativity, dedication and intuition for the customer. From the clarity with which he's able to convey ideas, to his attention to detail in crafting visuals and shipping code, Alok can consistently deliver across the entire lifecycle of a project. He would be an amazing addition to any team.  
Wendy Nguyen
SVP, Marketing & Growth, Propeller Health
Former Director of Growth Marketing, Counsyl
Alok and I worked together as product and UX partners at PayPal for the SMB customer segment, focusing on improving user engagement and adoption by improving the existing product and launching new ideas.

Alok is highly organized, passionate about building the right experiences for users and immensely driven to achieve the right outcome. He continuously brought lots of design skills, user centric approach and originality into the products that we had successfully rolled out at PayPal with positive outcomes. I was thoroughly impressed by his detailed and methodical approach, data driven analysis and passion to achieve the best outcome for our users and business.

With his energy, communication, and collaboration, he was a great team member and a fun person to work with. I truly enjoyed working with Alok and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great design partner and a passionate team member.
Shailendra Kumar
Executive Director, JP Morgan
Former Sr. Product Manager, PayPal
Alok is one of the most organized and detail-oriented designers I’ve worked with and was able to bring a high level of process and methodology to our in-house design group.

I was Alok’s direct manager on the Product Design team at Counsyl and saw him ship several high-visibility product pilots.

Alok has a wide range of abilities and can craft everything from visuals to frontend code to customer research plans, happily taking on every challenge that come his way and tackled it with enthusiasm.

Alok has the energy to jump into a nebulous project and ship a solution on schedule, combined with the patience to rapidly iterate and test many versions.  
Laura Martini
Staff UX Designer, Google
Former Director of Product Design, Counsyl
Alok is a methodical thinker, capable of making the complex straightforward.

While at PayPal, he redesigned and improved an area that had been notoriously confusing for customers, making clear what was needed and by when. Alok is great at asking questions, getting clarity, and making decisions in the best interest of the customer, while also balancing the needs of the business and constraints due to regulation or scaling requirements.

When considering large-scale, large-impact product design, Alok gets the job done!
Laura Ward
Principal, Design & Discovery, PayPal
Former Director of Design, PayPal
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